Working on a wedding at The Foundry in Long Island City (LIC) is always a pleasure. This was one of the first ‘industrial’ wedding spaces in New York City. So many have popped up in the last couple decades, but The Foundry is one of the OGs.

While a great wedding location, the Foundry does pose some interesting lighting challenges, specifically with the overhanging catwalks. But not to worry! I am very familiar with the space and have no problem making sure there is plenty of light for your photos…

Planning a Wedding at The Foundry LIC?

Whether you’re getting married at The Foundry or another location in Long Island City, Astoria, Greenpoint or one of the many other industrial wedding venue spaces in New York City, I am happy to discuss wedding photography options with you.

Remember that these spaces require an expert hand when it comes to lighting and experience matters.

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