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One of the greatest parts of my job is hearing couples tell me how happy they are with their photos. I joke around a lot, but I take my job very seriously. This is your big day, and your wedding photographer is going to be very close to you for most of that day. I can talk about what I will do for you as my client, but I think that you are better served listening to the people who already hired me. Below are a few reviews and ‘thank you’ notes I have collected. If you would like to take a look at a more comprehensive list, you can always view my profiles on The Knot or on WeddingWire – there are over a hundred reviews between the two.

The photos are AMAZING! The style was just what we wanted (candid and artistic) and so many of our most valued moments were captured beautifully…in short, Casey is cool, professional, talented, and just damn good at what he does. You should totally hire him.

Chiara + Andrew

Are you still looking for a photographer?? If so, then STOP HERE! You?re really wasting your time if you look any further! On the biggest day of your life, don?t risk putting the responsibility of catching those priceless moments in the hands of anyone else. Casey is talented beyond measure with a natural eye for the best angles and lighting to make you look AWESOME in your photos. He?s a professional and clearly experienced, but he?s also easy-going and hilarious ? during our engagement shoot, he had my fiance and me almost in tears from laughing so hard as he quoted lines from ?Anchorman? ? he?s someone that we would have loved to have as a guest at our wedding because he was just such a cool guy.

I can?t even explain how grateful I am that Casey caught those moments that flew by so quickly or that I didn?t even know happened ? I?ll cherish these photos for life. There?s not a single guest or detail that he missed ? I?ll be able to look back and relive every second of my wedding because Casey takes such pride in the quality of his work.

Do yourself a favor and trust me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed if you book Casey. He?s as good as they come ? both as a professional and as a person. So hurry, book him NOW!

Jersey + Ray

Right away, Casey put us at ease and let us be ourselves. He offered creative suggestions, and appeared to get a sense of our personalities quickly. He gave us his full and undivided attention, and produced beautiful, timeless engagement pictures. The day of our wedding, Casey seemed more like a friend than a hired vendor. He is friendly, creative, thorough, patient, and down to earth. He knows when to step in and when to step back. Our wedding pictures made me laugh and cry tears of happiness. The quality is impeccable and the creativity is through the roof. His pictures completely captured the emotions of the day. I can’t get enough of them. I would whole-heartedly recommend Casey Fatchett Photography to anyone I meet or anyone looking to hire a photographer – I also hope to work with Casey again in the future.

Victoria + Matt

One of my favorite things about Casey was that there was not one moment we felt staged or posed – we spent the time enjoying the day with our friends and family, and he snapped pictures of us that looked like we WERE actually posing (in the best way!). After the wedding he sent the photographs so quickly – we were still on our honeymoon!. I would recommend Casey to anybody – he is a fantastic photographer and a great person to work with!

Nadia + Alex

I fall in love with my wedding photos more and more every day! It?s been almost two months and I still look at them every day, pinching myself about how beautiful and detailed they are.

Casey loves what he does! He believes in love, romance, family, beauty, and the details. It shows in the photos you get. Family and friends of various ages and styles have enjoyed our wedding photos because he captures people and the moments of the day so well.

I look at my wedding photos on a daily basis. Hire Casey, and if you have a large wedding like we did, add on his awesome team!

Emily + John

(Casey) is a true master of his profession and far exceeded our already high expectations.

Here are other reasons why you should hire Casey:

  1. He’s a great person and natural communicator
  2. He’s organized and responsive to all of your last minute requests (I had a few!)
  3. You’ll have him the entire day of the wedding, which eased a lot of my stress. He arrived 5 hours before the ceremony, and shot at 5-6 places total!
  4. Our photos were ready SIX DAYS after the wedding…
  5. …and they are outstanding! I cannot stop looking at them. The quality, attention to detail, and eye for a good shot are out of this world. My family and friends have been showering us with compliments for hiring such a great photographer (thanks, Casey!). His style is so beautiful and natural, and everyone looks utterly radiant in each photo.
  6. He’s also incredibly handy and helped my husband and his groomsmen put on their boutonnieres and find their jackets

Just hire him already!! You’ll be so, so glad you did.

Katie + Rob

Casey did a phenomenal job! He was such an integral part of our wedding process. Our favorite things about working with Casey were his very quick turnaround time … and his general awareness of the structure and flow of a wedding. Not to mention, my husband and I found him to be a genuinely awesome person who we enjoyed talking to and sharing our engagement experience with every step of the way. He’s a true professional and he’s got so much experience with wedding photography…he understands the needs and unique characteristics of the couples he works with…

Ashley + Julian

We love Casey!!! He was so great at making us feel at ease at both our engagement photos and our wedding. Casey was fantastic at capturing moments while blending in with the rest of the wedding. He also got our photos back to us in record time and they are gorgeous!!! We are so happy that we went with him.

Sarah + Blake

Working with Casey was great. He?s super easy going, responsive, dependable, and fun to be around. If you want gorgeous photos of your wedding and the peace of mind of knowing that this responsibility is in the hands of a true pro who takes great pride in his work, I highly recommend hiring Casey!

Liz + Greg

Before my wedding I thought there was only 2 variables in hiring a photographer; the quality of photos and the cost. And so, looking at Casey?s past work and getting his quote we made the decision to have him do our engagement and wedding photos. His planning and organization was top-notch; during the pre-ceremony he was critical in making sure everyone was in position and post ceremony he captured a heroic amount of large family shots in record time to get us back to the reception. As for quality, not only did he not disappoint, but we rarely visit a friend or family member?s house without seeing his work on display.

That said, I could not have anticipated the greater impact he had on our wedding. He was there capturing the best moments of our day, earning laughs with a well placed joke for posed shots, helping us get from one table to the next even in the middle of a circle capturing our POV as we danced. He was always there when we needed him and somehow disappeared when we wanted a moment.

I didn?t know to look for that level of care and intuition in my photographer search, and even if I did I could not have found it looking at websites. Having experienced it now however, I wouldn?t trust memories as precious as this with anyone else.

Erica + Pat

This is a really easy decision if you can get Casey ? do it!

Casey is brilliant. First of all, he LOVES weddings. He is a true romantic…. Secondly, Casey is a professional- he has this down to a science. He has seen it all and that is really comforting when you are dealing with a million details. Lastly and perhaps most importantly- he sees everything you do not see on your wedding day. He captures every DIY detail you created in love. He sees your mom and her sister sharing a moment and despite the fact that he has never met them captures the whole essence of their relationship. He is an artist- and you will barely even know he is there.

There is a picture he took of me and my father – that I will treasure the rest of my life. Out of all the pictures of us together in my whole life ? CASEY took the best. I cry every time I look at it. I am forever in his debt.

Summer + James

Casey Fatchett is a wonderful asset to any wedding. There really is no one else I would have rather had responsible for immortalizing our day. Apart from the evident skill and talent which is timeless thanks to his expert and effortless eye, Casey?s very presence on the day was nothing short of professional and indeed calming.

Casey?s knowledge of the city and its hidden yet picturesque points of beauty, along with his respect for both the city and ultimately the couple?s important day, make every picture not only completely unique, but also a wonderful work of art. On behalf of my wife and I, thank you Casey!

Aiden + Nicole

I know I say I?m happy with (the pictures), but to be more specific: What I appreciate about them is their playfulness, both in the subject?s attitudes and the way you captured the images.

Your artistic taste, and the way you intuitively captured each little moment, brings the emotions of the day back to me every time I look at them. Even people who weren?t there tell me they feel like they are there when looking at the pictures.

And your artistic shots are absolutely beautiful.? They are all deserving of being made into large-sized wall-hung displays of art.

I am so proud to show off these photographs.? The quality reminds me of a photo spread from some haute couture designer?s magazine shoot. So thanks again for the incredible job you did for us!

George (Father of the Bride)