Wait a minute! Take a deep breath. You have probably been looking at a lot of websites researching companies for your wedding. Slow down. There’s a lot of information out there and it can all be pretty overwhelming.

Your Wedding

I accept a limited number of weddings each year. Why? Because I believe in quality over quantity. I am providing you with personalized service that fits your needs. I don’t abide by some sort of cookie-cutter approach. You’re different from everyone else. Why should I think that you will want what everyone else wants? Your wedding photography will always include at least 8 hours of coverage and the high resolution edited images that you can share. Besides my standard packages, I am happy to provide you with a custom package to suit your needs.

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Albums & Prints
Your memories are precious and need to be cherished! Don’t force them to live a cold, lonely life in ‘the cloud’ or on a hard drive. My selection of heirloom quality albums will ensure that your special moments are enjoyed for generations to come! [/flo_one_third]

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Clean, documentary style video footage of your wedding day. Includes our signature 15-20 minute recap of the day as well as footage of the ceremony and speeches. [/flo_one_third]

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Social Booth

Get tons of awesome pictures of your family and friends with this open air photo booth! A dedicated booth attendant will make sure everything runs smoothly so your guests can focus on enjoying themselves!