Wedding Photography for Nerds

Congratulations, fellow nerd, on your upcoming wedding! Now you’re looking for a wedding photographer who plays well with nerds and truly understands what you’re into on a level similar to your own.

Well, you have found the nerdy wedding photographer you’re looking for…Seriously, I eat this stuff up.

I want to hear about your Disc World themed cake or your comic book inspired centerpieces or the cos-play you want to do for your engagement session.

I know ‘nerd culture’ has become more and more mainstream over the last decade, but I’ve been a nerd my entire life.

I grew up reading comics, watching tons of movies, and playing RPGs…and my voracious appetite for fantasy, sci-fi, comics, music, art, movies, and a whole lot more has just continued since then.

I have a VAST knowledge of nerdery. You want me on your trivia team. Don’t believe me? Click here and challenge my nerd cred.

What all this means is that I understand why this means so much to you. I’ve collected the figurines, read the books, memorized the lines.

I speak your language. Hell, I even created a website called The Nerdy Photographer where I discuss photography by using analogies to comic books, movies, role playing games, literature, etc., etc….

Do you want a wedding photographer who’s going to pretend to “GET” what you are into? Or do you want someone who is going to dive into it WITH YOU?!?

And when I say I’m going to jump in with you, I mean it. One time I actually joined in a choreographed sword fight during the reception at a full on cos-play, Renaissance Faire wedding. I studied and taught fencing/sword fighting/stage combat for 15 years.

But however you express your nerdy side, I am here to celebrate it with you. Playing “The Rains of Castamere” as your ceremony processional? Been there…

Want to create movie genre posters with your engagement photos? I’ve done that…

Let me join your party and come on this adventure with you. We’re going to have fun. I’m going to let you be you and let your geek flag fly.

Listen, I know this whole process can get pretty overwhelming. There is A LOT going on, and maybe you’re not sure how to incorporate the geeky things you love. Ask me!!! I’ve been photographing weddings for 20 years! I have seen pretty much everything in the nearly 600 weddings I’ve photographed. I can help guide you through the process.

What if you are an introvert, or camera shy, or ‘just not photogenic’? Don’t worry. I work with MANY couples who feel the same way. In fact, that’s why a lot of them hire me. I will work with you so that you feel relaxed and at ease the entire time and not like you are constantly posing for a photo shoot.

Do you want someone who can work nerdy wedding photography magic? Yes, you do? Well then you can call me Dale Sprinklesleeves! Roll for initiative and get in touch with me now!