The Album Design Process

You can receive your album in as little as two months from your initial consultation! This will require you to be active in the process. But just think of how great it will be to have your new heirloom in your hands to show to family and friends so that you can relive all the emotions of your big day.

Just follow the simple steps below to get your album in record time!

.01 Consultation

I will present you with the various album options. You will select the type of album, size, and orientation. We will also discuss cover choices and layout options, as well as cover imprinting.

.02 Design

It is time to begin! I will design the initial album within 3-5 days. My album design web portal makes it easy for you to comment and give constructive feedback. The ultimate goal is for you to absolutely love and approve the album design. Over the years, I have become pretty good at nailing the design on the first try, and approximately 75 percent of my clients make only minimal changes.

.03 Final Approval

Once I receive final approval from you, you will receive an email confirming the specs and summarizing the order to be approved as soon as possible.

.04 Production

After your final approval, I will go through and do final touch ups on the images, and prepare them for printing.

.05 Printing & Binding

The photos are sent to album binder for printing and binding. While working closely with our album binder, there are several quality check points in place at this time.

.06 The Album Arrives

I will personally do the final quality check on your album, making sure everything came out perfectly. Once approved, your wedding album is delivered to your home.

BAM! Your album is done!

You now have your album. Your friends and family will be surprised you got it done so quickly, but only if they didn't hire me.

On a related note - they should hire me. I've had albums back for clients before their friends - who got married before them and hired someone else - even saw their photos!