Elopement & Destination Wedding Photographer

There are any number of reasons why you may need a destination wedding or elopement / micro-wedding photographer. I have photographed nearly a hundred elopements and destination weddings that took place in New York City or the surrounding area. When it comes to destination weddings, NYC is a destination!

However, that does not mean I don’t also travel for weddings as well. From Maine to Florida to California, I have captured moments at weddings all around the United States.

During the pandemic, many couples decided they wanted to continue with their wedding plans and scaled back to a micro-wedding or “minimony” to comply with public health mandates. Now that restrictions are loosening up, some people have decided they like the idea of a more intimate gathering.

Whatever the style of wedding, I am happy to help you by not only capturing the amazing moments that make up your celebration, but by also helping with the logistics as much as I can. My experience can be especially helpful if you are coming into New York City from outside the area.

Elopements, Micro-Weddings, and Intimate Celebrations

Coming to NYC to elope? Planning a New York City Hall wedding? Do you just want a small, intimate celebration with close friends and family?

When I first started photographing weddings, I would photograph probably a dozen of these kind of weddings each year. While I still photograph a handful

Destination Wedding Photography

Whether you are coming to New York City or the surrounding area for your wedding, OR your wedding is taking place at some other destination, Casey Fatchett Photography can help you. Casey has traveled throughout the United States from California to Maine covering destination weddings small and large.

Our team is available to travel and be your destination wedding photographers! There are many factors that come into play when pricing a destination wedding, so please click here to contact me for a custom quote.

I am very familiar and comfortable with photographing these small, intimate weddings. However, in this time of a global pandemic, what should we consider? The situation is constantly changing, and we need to adjust accordingly.

Destination, Elopement, and Micro Wedding Planning Advice

I have been photographing weddings, including destination weddings and elopements, for more than twenty years. Please take a little free advice from someone with a lot of experience.

Planning an Elopement or Micro Wedding – Keep it Small & Simple

The less moving pieces there are, the easier it will be to change things up as the situation evolves.

If there are a lot of people involved, the more snags you can hit if you have to postpone or move the timeline around.

Best to keep it simple and small for now. Just the two of you (I am happy to be your witness) or just a few close family members and friends. Have a big party with all your people at a later date, and have me come photograph that as well.

Coming to New York or New Jersey? Think Locally!

When dealing with weddings in this area, especially New York City, there are a LOT of things that might not occur to someone who does not live here, or does not have extensive experience in the area. From where the best photo spots are to how long traffic will actually take you to get from location to location, these are the most basic instances.

Some locations may require permits to take photos. There may be a new, secret spot for amazing pictures that only the locals know about.

If you are planning in the New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Hudson Valley regions, all of these locations are within easy driving distance and I would be happy to be your elopement of micro wedding photographer!

Contact me to today to discuss rates and options. It only takes a minute!





Less than 10 people. High resolution digital files of all your edited photos. Minimum booking is 2 hours.



Less than 50 people. High resolution digital files of all your edited photos. Minimum booking is 4 hours.



Available throughout the United States as well as worldwide. Custom quotes only.



Casey's work is so gorgeous and Casey himself is so warm, friendly and makes you feel so at ease!



Simply put, Casey’s photos look like memorable moments of your life at their most beautiful.



The style was just what we wanted (candid and artistic) and so many of our most valued moments were captured short, Casey is cool, professional, talented, and just damn good at what he does. You should totally hire him.