There are hundreds of great locations for Central Park wedding photos!

From the North end of Central Park with the Meer and the Blockhouse down to the Ramble (want to escape the look of ‘the city’? You will completely disappear in the Ramble…) and Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare Garden, down to the Bow Bridge, the Lake, the Boat House, Bethesda Terrace and the Mall, the Great Lawn, Cherry Hill, the Central Park Zoo, and the Pond.

There are hundred of great photo locations in the park, just off the path, on and under bridges. I know a lot of them, but I’m always finding new ones as well!

A couple of quick notes on Central Park wedding photos:

Central Park is outdoors. If you’re wearing a long dress or clothes that might drag on the ground. There’s a chance they will get dirty. It’s good to have helpers to hold the train. I also bring my special bag of tricks to help keep the dirt to a minimum.

The Conservatory Garden is NOT a part of Central Park and requires its own permit to take photos there! They are very serious about this

I’m happy to lend my expertise in choosing locations that will be perfect for your Central Park wedding photos. I’ve photographed hundreds of couples in Central Park.

I’ll help you with the logistics, whether it’s figuring out if a location is fitting just for the two of you or for the entire wedding party OR whether the location will fit into your timeline.

Many couples are unsure how long it will take to get to a spot on their wedding day, especially if they’re not getting married near Central Park.

I also have the expertise and skills required to bring the focus of your photo down to just the two of you even on a busy Summer afternoon when every person in the tri-state area has descended on the park to enjoy the weather.