What does it take to be the best Brooklyn wedding photographer? Well, first of all, you need to have the technical proficiency to capture beautiful wedding images in a wide variety of situations.

Brooklyn is full of many different types of wedding venues, from industrial and loft spaces to sleek, modern venues to classic, old school spots. I’ve worked in all types of venues and I can handle the little peculiarities that can effect the quality of your images in each situation.

The best Brooklyn wedding photographer will need to handle a variety of lighting situations. I can do that! Whether using natural light or manipulating flashes to create beautiful images, I’m comfortable and able to make the most of the situation no matter what the lighting is like.

Dark event space with very little lighting? No worries!

Best Brooklyn wedding photographer

Middle of a Summer day with the sun blazing down? I can handle that too!

Best Brooklyn wedding photographer

What’s also important is I know Brooklyn! From Williamsburg to DUMBO to Red Hook to Park Slope to Coney Island and beyond. My first professional photo shoot was in DUMBO in the late 1990s!

I know Brooklyn and I know how to get around. I am familiar with the streets and the locations for great pictures. I will be able to look at your timeline and see if we’re allowing enough time for travel between locations given what the traffic will be like.

And beyond beautiful pictures and being familiar with the area and all the possible situations that might arise, I provide amazing customer service.

I will be there every step of the way through the planning process to offer my expertise (I’ve been part of over 500 weddings and this is most likely your first time doing this). Once the wedding is over, I’ll have your wedding photos back to you within a few weeks! No waiting around to relive your memories.

So, am I the best Brooklyn wedding photographer? I think my nearly two decades of experience, technical expertise, and amazing customer service definitely put me towards the top of the list!

If you want a better sense of what the experience will be like working with me, feel free to check out the reviews left by the many couples I’ve worked with…

And if you’re planning a wedding in Brooklyn, reach out and get in touch with me today!