.01 Meet Casey

Once you hire me, I am in. I am completely invested in your wedding. It matters to me.

I know how busy you are. I’ve been there myself when I was planning my own wedding. The whole process can, at times, feel overwhelming – and your time is REALLY important! So what are the benefits of hiring me? I will go out of my way to make see you feel at ease before, during, and after your wedding day, and to quickly deliver to you photos that represent the best parts of you and your celebration. I’ll do my best to help you navigate whatever may pop up on or before your wedding day – after all these years, I’ve developed some pretty great MacGyver tactics! I pride myself on balancing guidance for you in getting the best photos possible, while remaining unobtrusive and making you feel comfortable.
Weddings are about relationships. Between the two of you as a couple, and your friends and family. The love. The laughter. The joy. I view it as a privilege to be the one you trust to document those genuine, emotional moments. My photos are going to reflect the personalities and emotions of you and your guests. A hundred  years from now, I want your great grandchildren to know who you were and how much you loved each other through my photos.

I am truly passionate about what I do. I love LOVE! So…I might get a little misty at your wedding, and I think that makes me better at what I do.

Fun Facts

You'll spend a lot of time with your wedding photographer on the big day. You should know a little bit about them...

Casey Fatchett Fun Facts

Super Powers

I know how to pin a boutonnière like it’s my job. (I’ve even sewn up a ripped dress!)

Problem and puzzle solving...this is what leads me to 'figure out' movie and TV show plots well before the reveal, an ability my wife loooooves...that was sarcasm.

Total and immediate recall of what my wife likes to call 'useless knowledge'. I'm an encyclopedia of worthless information. Movie quotes, song lyrics, random facts, you name it...You want me on your trivia team.


The ability to dance poorly BUT enthusiastically anywhere and at any time. This is not theoretical.


Animals - seriously, if you have a dog or cat and want to bring it to your engagement shoot or wedding, I am going to want to be best friends with it by the time we're done.

Small children - when wedding clients have hired me to photograph their newborns, they often refer to me as 'The Baby Whisperer'

Grey's Anatomy - yes, all 14 seasons. Don't get me started!

Coffee - I don't drink it. I may be the only person in NYC who doesn't drink coffee.

Mushrooms - WHY do people eat them?

.02 My Style

Most commonly asked question - what's your style?


My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Why? Because that leads to better pictures!

One of the benefits of getting to know my clients is that they feel more relaxed with me around. If you let me in, I can better capture your natural self.

You get to be yourself!


Real, raw emotions. There's nothing like them. I seek those emotional moments.

Years from now, you are going to look back at my photos and they are going to evoke a lot of emotions.

You are going to feel it!

And I can only imagine how they will make you feel, because I get choked up looking at them.


I'm not looking to put you in a cookie cutter. I want you to be YOU!

You won't be staged, or taking pictures that you're not interested in to make your wedding look like every other one.

My photos seek to capture what is different and authentic about you as a couple and as individuals.

.03 Testimonials

Kind words from my clients...

One of the greatest parts of my job is hearing couples tell me how happy they are with their photos. I have photographed over five hundred weddings, and I am still blown away every time a couple takes the time to send me a note or leave a review about my services.

I can talk about what I will do for you as my client, but I think that you are better served listening to the people who already hired me. Below is a small sampling of reviews, testimonials, and ‘thank you’ notes I have collected over the years, and from sites like The Knot and WeddingWire.

Tory + Matt

"Right away, Casey put us at ease and let us be ourselves. He offered creative suggestions, and appeared to get a sense of our personalities quickly. He gave us his full and undivided attention, and produced beautiful, timeless engagement pictures. The day of our wedding, Casey seemed more like a friend than a hired vendor. He is friendly, creative, thorough, patient, and down to earth. He knows when to step in and when to step back. Our wedding pictures made me laugh and cry tears of happiness. The quality is impeccable and the creativity is through the roof. His pictures completely captured the emotions of the day. I can't get enough of them."

Chiara + Andrew

"The photos are AMAZING! The style was just what we wanted (candid and artistic) and so many of our most valued moments were captured beautifully...in short, Casey is cool, professional, talented, and just damn good at what he does. You should totally hire him."

Jackie + Gary

"Casey's work is so gorgeous and Casey himself is so warm, friendly and makes you feel so at ease! Actually, that doesn't even do his services justice, his photographs and Casey are too wonderful for words! My husband hates having photographs taken of himself but from the second we met Casey, my husband felt at ease and finally smiled in a photo! ... I cannot even describe how beautiful the photos are and he sent them to us within a week of our wedding!"

Katrina + Alex

"My groom said to me after only a few minutes of meeting him for the first time (during our engagement shoot) he felt as if he had been friends with him for years. What an amazing feeling to have during your wedding day and having complete confidence that everything will turn out perfectly and every shot will have just the same amount of care and creativity as the last.

"His photography is incredible and somehow turns every single beautiful moment on your wedding day into the most spectacular, emotional images. I can honestly say we have the most beautiful photos."

Summer + James

"This is a really easy decision - if you can get Casey - Do it! Casey is brilliant. First of all, he LOVES weddings. He is a true romantic....Secondly, Casey is a professional - he has this down to a science. He has seen it all and that is really comforting when you are dealing with a million details. Lastly and perhaps most importantly- he sees everything you do not see on your wedding day.

"There is a picture he took of me and my father - that I will treasure the rest of my life. Out of all the pictures of us together in my whole life - CASEY took the best. I cry every time I look at it. I am forever in his debt."

Jersey + Ray

"Are you still looking for a photographer?? If so, then STOP HERE! You're really wasting your time if you look any further! On the biggest day of your life, don't risk putting the responsibility of catching those priceless moments in the hands of anyone else.

"Casey is talented beyond measure with a natural eye for the best angles and lighting to make you look AWESOME in your photos. He's a professional and clearly experienced, but he's also easy-going and hilarious. Do yourself a favor and trust me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed if you book Casey. He's as good as they come both as a professional and as a person. So hurry, book him NOW!"

.04 Press

You may have seen my work in these publications.

In my 20 years as a photographer, my work has appeared in many publications, such as The New York Times, NY Post, The Knot Magazine, Bridal Guide Magazine, Platinum Weddings Magazine, Brooklyn Bride, Glamour, People, and many more...

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.05 Awards

Accolades are even sweeter when they are due to happy clients!

One of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the United States

Wedding Industry Experts Awards, 2013

The Knot Best of Weddings 2017
The Knot Best of Weddings 2016
The Knot Best of Weddings 2015
The Knot Best of Weddings 2014
The Knot Best of Weddings 2013
The Knot Best of Weddings 2012
Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2017
Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2016
Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2015
Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2014
Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2013
Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2012