This is a story all about how – only kidding! My story shows how life’s big moments impact us in ways we may not fully understand at the time. My wedding career started after shooting some rolls of film at the weddings of friends. Seeing those moments as photos felt incredible. That was it. The wedding bug bit me. More than 20 years later, I've never looked back. Celebrating joyous occasions led me to a true passion. I realized capturing all those emotions and memories was a perfect fit for me, as a big sentimental nerd.

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Listen, I know how busy you are. I’ve been there myself when I was planning my own wedding. The whole process can, at times, feel overwhelming – and your time is REALLY important! I will go out of my way to make sure you feel at ease before, during, and after your wedding day, and to quickly deliver photos that represent the best parts of you and your celebration.

Weddings are about relationships. Between the two of you as a couple, and your friends and family. The love. The laughter. The joy. My photos are going to reflect the personalities and emotions of you and your guests. A hundred years from now, I want your great grandchildren to know who you were and how much you loved each other through my photos.

I am truly passionate about what I do. I love LOVE! So…I might get a little misty at your wedding, and I think that makes me better at what I do.

"Count me in!"

Tacos. Dogs. Nerd stuff. Fresh guacamole. Ted Lasso. LGBTQ+ rights. Laughing. Star Wars. Karaoke. Hiking. Parks & Rec. Fresh guacamole. Gender and racial equity. Any movie with a sword fight in it. Hiking with a dog. The Big Lebowski. Live theater. Quoting movies. Visiting historic locations. Feeling your feelings. Spontaneous dancing. Building things yourself! Grey's Anatomy. Anything with dogs. If you are planning to have a dog at your wedding or engagement shoot, I'm in!

"Yea, that's Gonna be a no from me, dawg!"

Body shaming. Rude people. Feeling rushed. Discrimination of any kind. Not responding to emails. People who put their phones, tablets, or their whole bodies, in the aisle to take pictures during the wedding ceremony. Ghosting. Mushrooms. Sitting in traffic. Feeling uncomfortable in your wedding photos. Being judgmental.

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You're not looking for staged photos. Seeing your family and friends laughing, crying, enjoying your wedding - those authentic interactions really matter to you. Your wedding day is made up of thousands of little moments and you want to to be IN THE MOMENT not being taken out of it by a photographer who is up in your face. You want a wedding photographer who is great at capturing candid, unposed moments.

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Speaking of posing, you're probably not a big fan of it. When someone points a camera at you and tells you what to do, you start to feel stiff and uncomfortable. You want a laid back photographer who can make the photo process feel relaxed and painless.

You want a wedding photographer who will guide you and bring out your personalities in photos instead of trying to awkwardly make you fit into a pose. And get you through those photos quickly so you can enjoy the party with your people!

these are your memories

You are having a party with your favorite people in the world, celebrating your love for one another. You know that in the future, your wedding photos and your album are the only things that will help take you back to this day.

You know you can't trust these precious memories to just anyone. You need a wedding photographer you can trust.

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