Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

Candid. Natural. Authentic.

I want you to feel as comfortable as possible on the wedding day. During the portraits, I will guide you through the process so that you feel relaxed without telling you how to stand, or where to look, or where to put your hands. I want your photos to reflect your personalities and relationship. The rest of the day, I will blend into the background so that I can capture the moments that make up your wedding without being noticed.

What are your rates?

Full day coverage packages start at $4200, as a reference point. Please contact me?for detailed pricing.

Your photos are wonderful, but your rates are outside our budget. What can we do?

Not every wedding is the same, and I am happy to create a custom package that might better suit your budget. Or, if my rates are still outside your budget, I can offer the services of one of my team photographers. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

How do we book you to photograph our wedding?

A signed contract and a reservation fee of one third your total package price.

Can you hold our date?

Sure! Once I hear back from you after your initial inquiry, a ‘soft hold’ will be placed for your date. In the event that another couple inquires before you decide, I will notify you with a 24-hour right of first refusal. You’ll have 24 hours to book, or the date will be released. This does not mean that I am no longer available for your date, but that the date is no longer being held for you, and whomever submits a signed contract and reservation fee first will get the date.

We are interested in video / albums / a photo booth / etc., etc. – is this something that you provide?

I provide many different services beyond just photography. Please feel free to let me know what you’re interested in when you get in touch with me.

Do you only photograph weddings?

No, but weddings are the main part of my business. I also photograph other types of events (bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, etc.) as well as portraits, fashion, headshots, and a lot more. You can see samples of my non-wedding work here. I also volunteer my services to a number of charitable organizations.

How and when will we receive our images?

I will post a few select images to social media within a couple days of the wedding. The full gallery of your images will be available within two weeks of your event.? All of the high resolution edited images are yours to keep, download, print, and share with friends and family.

Can we order prints and albums?

Yes! Don’t let your photos live a lonely life on a hard drive somewhere. While our society is centered on digital delivery and portability, there is nothing like the visceral ‘feel’ of an album or print. Plus, they are ‘technology proof’. Museum quality, fine art prints can be ordered through me at any time after your wedding. “Gift prints” can be purchased directly through the gallery as soon as it is available.

Do we have to do an engagement session?

I highly recommend it. I include the engagement session as a complimentary item (so it does not effect the pricing) because it gives us all a chance to get to know one another better. You can read more about my reasons why I think you should do an engagement session here.

Can we see all of the images you shot or have access to the RAW files?

No. Let’s be honest. I want you to really love your photos. I am not going to withhold an amazing picture from you. If I get rid of a photo, it is for a very good reason. My clients pay me not only for my skills as a photographer, but also as an editor. A good analogy would be that you don’t go to a restaurant and order dinner and ask them to bring the ingredients to your table so that you can prepare the meal yourself.

Do we need a second photographer?

I recommend having a second photographer if there will be more than 125-150 guests, if you are not planning to see each other before the ceremony, or if your venue is so large and spread out that I physically can’t cover all the grounds alone. Small, intimate weddings may not require a second photographer. In fact, having another photographer might be overwhelming. Large, extravagant affairs would be better served by having a second photographer (and in some cases a third) to ensure more comprehensive coverage.

Who would that second photographer be?

I work with a a team of trusted photographers, and they are also full time professionals (not someone just starting out in the wedding business). Who ends up being your second photographer will depend on who I think best suits your event and personalities as well as their availability.

Do you travel for destination weddings? Is there a fee?

Travel within 100 miles of NYC is included in all of my standard wedding packages. For weddings further than that, there is a flat fee for travel expenses and overnight accommodations.?For weddings outside of driving distance from New York City or international destinations, contact me to discuss the travel fee.

Why do you love photographing weddings?

From the first wedding I photographed, I was hooked on the emotion. I am super sentimental – just ask my wife – and I get to be around people on one of the happiest days of their lives. Who wouldn’t love that???